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How to add a new property.

1. Click menu item "Add new Project"
2. Enter main details of the project.  Required fields are marked with star *
3. To save new project click link "Save" at hte bottom of the page. This will save your project in database.
4. Now you can add additional information about the project.

Editing existing priject.

Please notice the menu "Main details ->Distances -> Descriptions -> Photo". It is used to navigate between pages. 

Page "Edit property for sale" has 4 parts: Main details on the left and Editing of Views, Additional rooms and Provisions on the right.

Main details contain information enterd on the first page. To change them press button "Edit" at the bottom of the form. changes can be made when the form has green background. Button "Save" saves changes to database, button "cancel changes" returns the form to initial state and changes will not be saved.

Filling 'availability Status' field - if you select status "deactivate" the property will not appear in search results.

Some fields only accept numbers and do not accept text including letters, space, or punctuation. Such fields marked as (number).

Filling Price field - Fill in "Min Price" field in Euros excluding VAT. If you have several properties in your project, fill in "Max Price" field and fill in "Number of properties in the project".

Use as a template button can be used to create exact copy of a project including distances, descriptions and photos. After creating a copy you need to edit it making necessary changes.

Add/Edit property Views - click link "Edit Views" select views in appeared listbox the click "Save"; to select several views you need to hold key Ctrl. To delete existing selection you need to click it again holding Ctrl key.

Additional rooms and Provisions and be edited the same way as Views 

Page "Distances"

New project has one empty line. To fill it in you need to click "Edit" and select place from the dropdown list, then choose distance and unit (km, munutes walk, minutes by car), then click "Save" or "Cancel" button. After first line was saved you will see button "New", which will add a new line ready to be edited.

Page "Descriptions"

Each paragraph of the description needs to be added separatly. First paragraph will be displayed on property results page. You need to fill in one of the fields - either "Description in English" or "Description in Russian". Please note that only Russian description is published on the site. English description can be entered in order to be translated at a later date.

Page "Photo"

You can upload pictures either from your computer or from another internet site. 

To upload from your computer use "Browse" button to select file from your hard drive. Then click button 'Load from hard drive and save'. Uploaded picture will appear in the list.

To upload picture from another site

1. Rightclick on the picture and select 'Properties' from context menu. Highlight 'Address(URL)' or 'Location' property depending on your browser, then copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl + C in Windows)

2. Switch to your window  and paste to the field on the form. You can click link 'preview' to view selected picture. Then click button 'Load from Internet and save'. 

You can enter drscription of the picture (optional).

To change description of the picture or its status you need to click button Edit. Main picture will be used in search results. First uploaded picture is marked as Main by default.


After you filled in new property you will be able to see the page from your main page, but it will appear in search results only after it is approved by the site administrators.